This package contains four of the Southwold Railway wagons. They have been regauged from their original 3 foot gauge to 2′ 3″ to match my other narrow gauge stock.  There is a box van, a flat wagon, as well as two and three plank wagons.

There is a version of each open wagon with fixed loads and loads that can be added.  There is also a second brown box van. 

The loads include straw bales, old style milk churns, and coal

There are also gravel and sand loads. The two plank wagon has an additional fixed load of mineral railway track panels. The three plank wagon has a final fixed load of metal sheets.





June 2012

Original release


July 2012

Added new sound file. Changed loading of wagons


February 2014

Improved textures and new loads added

4 & 4a

August 2015

Sound upgrade with a sound fix applied in V4a


February 2020

Gloss black texture improved, better couplings, new loaders