August 2023

RMrailworks launchs with original UKTS files. The plan is to gradually replace these with the most upto date versions that I have been using for a while.

3rd September 2023

Version 2 of the Houses Scenic Pack released. This updates the millstone grit textures and also generally improves some of the rough edges of these rather early models.

5th September 2023

Update to the Hills & Weather Mod to add a better Foggy weather situation.  All items finally added to  site now.

March 2024 

Lots of work ongoing to make the LMVLR need few if any ex – UKTS files. Replaced much of the 3rd Party fencing, all the vehicles, the ATTIX garden assets and many of the roads. The end is in sight and I am expecting to release an update which is actually a major upgrade. It will feature all sorts of loading points as I have been developing these as well. 

The plan is still to release in the same way as before with the route as a set of files and all the assets bundled into my scenic asset packs. This will mean that almost all of these packs will be updated with new assets added or subtle improvements to old assets. 

However, nothing will be so changed or removed that, if you are using my packs, your work will get affected.