This set of wagons are in the Talyllyn Railway download from SPRailways. These are my contribution to that team’s work. The wagons are therefore located under the provider “SPTalyllyn” in TSC.

The Talyllyn wagons are all based on a common chassis design with a number of bodies attached. There are two basic open wagon designs; vertical and splay sided. Open and fully enclosed versions are available.

Each of these mineral wagons comes unloaded or with slate waste, ballast, or coal loads

This is the iconic incline wagon design used to prevent overspill when being hauled up steep quarry inclines

The Talyllyn slate wagons were made of wood and were more substantial than the metal versions of other lines.  It is supplied empty and loaded with slates.

You can ride on the flat wagon using the interior view key “5”. A loaded version is also supplied with two large slate blocks on it.





December 2015

Release as part of SPRailways Talyllyn Route and through UKTS seperately.