The Leek and Manifold coaches were some of the largest on UK narrow gauges.  This is the third class saloon in the original L&MVLR Primrose livery.

On the L&MVLR the third class coaches 2 and 4 were matched by the mixed first and third brake coaches 1 and 3.  

This livery represents the early lined LMS livery of the route.  It is an approximation mainly used to make sure the texturing was correct. 

All of the coaches have working gates for the veranda as well as working doors, press “T”, for the guards compartment.

This worn and dirty unlined LMS was the final livery on the L&MVLR.

There are different interior views for each coach with many having a veranda view, an interior view or a guard’s compartment view.

The interior is detailed with differing layouts between the third class and first class sections.  Each livery has its own seat and interior colours.




1 & 1.1

May 2014

Basepack and LMVLR Primrose issued as seperate packs.


August 2015

Updated sounds, textures. Re-issued as a single pack.