These are items that are used in stations and railway yards.   A number of them are specific to a narrow gauge of 2′ 3″ such as engine sheds or track crossings. There are also road signs in this pack because they share a commmon texture set with other railway items.

Items indicated by a * are interactive, such as coaling stages and water towers. 

LMVLR Content

Hulme End station building

Hulme End engine shed

Hulme End carriage shed

Waterhouses goods shed

Waterhouses station buildings

Waterhouses signal box

LMVLR station signs

LMVLR halt building

Swainsley tunnel mouths

2′ 3″ Track Content

Loading gauges

Water tower and crane *

Locomotive coaling stage *

Southwold platforms in two widths

Engine shed crane

Telegraph poles with placing tool

Single track foot crossing

Milk churn loading platform

General Content

Weigh bridge and hut

Coal merchant staithes

Various lights

Platelayers hut

Railway warning notices

Whistle posts

Track speed limit signs

Loco ash mound

Assorted road signs





May 2014

Moved from LMVLR combined asset pack. Significant reorganisation and updating.