These are 2 ft 3 inch gauge tracks. This gauge has become the standard train sim classic narrow gauge. Prototypical narrow gauge railways span a vast range of gauges that would mean each route would need its own stock.

On the left is the lighter 30lb flat bottom rail used on many routes. That on the right is the heavier 50lb rail that continues to be used on many preserved lines. Both are built from plan dimensions.  These tracks can be joined.

Each track is available in a range of ballasts that are compatible and can be used at different places in the same route.


  • A: No ballast
  • B: Old stone
  • C: Inset concrete slabs
  • E: Soil & grass
  • J: Lightweight Jubilee track
  • K: Industrial yard
  • N: New stone
  • S: Sand
  • T: Inset in tarmac for roads
  • X: (not shown) rails only for bridges etc


Different buffers can be selected for most track types.  The tracks terminate so that no buffers are also an option 

Other features

There are a number of different point lever designs available.  Ther are also single sleepers for placing under point work to retain a true 3D effect.

The track has it’s own sound files with close spaced rail joints.





August 2011

Initial release 


September 2011

Updated textures and shaders


October 2011

Rebuild for Railworks 2012 compatibility


November 2011

Track top shine added. Seasonal textures. Added C and T ballast

4 & 4.1

June 2012

Added S and X ballast types. Sound file updates. Updated track rules. 4.1 updates for missing items


October 2013

TS2014 compatability  build with lower between track ballast. Add tunnel track


February 2014

L&M route release. updated textures and _i version ( no season textures) added


October 2015

50lb track type added, Talyllyn and Ffestiniog buffers. New stone and Yard ballast