This pack contains the classic Mini and much loved Morris Minor. I have tried to get close colour matches to the original 1960 & 70s schemes. The first Mini’s are the mark 1 with the rounded radiator grill and wing fitted mirrors as optional extras.

The mark 2 Mini’s – identified by the angular radiator grills come in classic 1970’s colours. They don’t come equiped with rust-eaten sills, headlights falling out, and the inevitable MOT failure.

These are the classic Mark 1 mini vans with metal radiator grills.

You can’t really have Mini’s without including the Cooper rally car, the classic AA van or a Panda car.

This package also contains a mix of two and four door Morris Minors – in typical 1960’s pastle colours.

The Morris Traveller probably ranks alonside the Mini for iconic British car status. Not the easiest model to build.

The Morris Minor 8cwt van was used by virtually every business that needed to transport small loads to places where larger vans and lorries would struggle to unload.  From the country store to town centre.

One of the largest users of the 8 cwt van was the GPO. The red post office collections van was a common sight in country areas. I have included a GPO telephone van in green but struggled to make a good ladder for the roof.





September 2015

Initial upload


November 2015

All Mini’s remodelled. Added Mini Cooper. All glass retextured