The house assets are identified by the type of design and the material of which the house is built.  This means that for each design there may be several versions available.  There are also some designs that are specific to a particular situation such as Ecton Folly.

  • A: Small cottage
  • B: Gabled dormer window added to type A cottage
  • C: Terrace of type B cottages with end doors
  • D: Type A cottage with outbuildings attached
  • X: Type A cottage with rear extension
  • Row A1: Terrace of five cottages with back extensions
  • Row A2: Terrace of three type A cottages with no extensions
  • Row X: Terrace of two type X cottages
  • Shop 1: Corner shop
  • Wetton Mill Cottage
  • Ecton Folly
Building Materials
  • MSG1: Millstone Grit. Older Condition
  • MSG2: Millstone Grit. Better condition house
  • MSG3: Millstone Grit. Different doors and windows to MSG1
  • SS1: Sandstone. Older condition
  • SS2: Sandstone. Better condition house





May 2014

Assets moved out of the LMVLR route package


September 2023

Updated textures and roof profiles