Leek & Manifold Railway content

Beeston Cafe

Black and white “portable buildings” cafe hut

Thors Cave Cafe

Green corrugated iron hut

Ecton Dairy

Small dairy with loading platform for milk churns at narrow gauge height.

Boiler House

Imaginary building to allow coal unloading on my LMVLR route

Hydropump Shed

Pump house for water at Hulme End

Hulme End Chapel

Small rural stone chapel

Wetton Mill

Small stone mill typical of Yorkshire Dales or Peak District

Temperance Hotel

Three storey Naylor’s Temperance Hotel at Butterton

General content

Barns A to D

Four different limestone barns typical of Yorkshire  Dales and Peak District

Black Hut

Black wooden workshop (21′ x 16′) typical of south eastern England

T Black Hut

As above but with an extension.

Old Black Store

Larger black plank built store typical of south eastern England

Small Tin Shed

Green corrugated iron – outside toilet  ?

Ruins A to C

Three types of ruined stone farm buildings or mine workings

Coal Hut

Worn wooden industrial hut for coal merchants etc





May 2014

Repackage of items included in original LMVLR route