Narrow gauge track content

Girder Bridge A

Open girder single 2′ 3″ gauge overbridge. In 20, 30 & 40 ft lengths.

Bridge Entry

Millstone grit dressed stone bridge entry

Bridge Bank

Bridge approach embankments of various angles

Bridge Piller & Base

Variable height central bridge pier in millstone grit blocks

Bridge Retaining Wall Stop

End posts for millstone grit retaining walls

Culverts A and B

Small culverts under narrow gauge track bed

Waterhouses Bridge

Specfic single track bridge for Waterhouses station on LMVLR

Butterton Bridge

Shared road and rail bridge at Butterton on the LMVLR route

General content

Wetton Bridge

Stone road bridge at Wetton on LMVLR

Weags Bridge

Stone road bridge typical of limestone countryside

Darfor Bridge

Stone road bridge at Darfor on LMVLR


Single plank and rail footbridge over river. 30′ and 60′ spans





May 2014

Repackage of items included in original LMVLR route