The Bedford CA were one of the many small vans in the 1950’s to 1980’s. They were easily identified by the sliding door and snub nosed radiator. The mark 1 version had a spilt windscreen and simple metal radiator grille

The mark 2 had a single piece windscreen and a redesigned radiator grill. I have included a wholesale groceer’s van in the short wheelbase versions

The long wheel base version of the mark 2 gained a wider door and bigger side window by adding an extra panel section.  I have included a laundry van along with vans based on Bedford colour cards for the period.

The long wheel base version also converted to a crewbus / minibus format that depended on the arrangement of the rear seating. These had rear sliding windows. I have included a school minibus in blue. 

The Bedford CA was converted into a wide range of body types. I have added a flat bed and a truck back. The blue flat bed is set up as a coal merchant and the green truck back for a builder. Perhaps, the most famous conversion was to ice cream vans but these are difficult to model convincingly.

The term “Dormobile” was invented by Bedfords for the Mark 1 camper van. Its covered rear wheel and porthole window give a certain charm. The later Dormobile Romany was based on a long wheelbase mark 2.  





December 2015

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