This is the classic “British Lawn Mower Green” Lister Auto Truck. 

It is in nearly new condition and has the full set of weights as well as the sanding box handles.  It also has the engine side panels fitted.

This is the light version commonly seen working inside yards with smaller trains. It has no sanding gear and no side weights. 

It is also worn, with missing engine side panels as well as being a bit faded.

The classic version with a new canopy.   They really are that low – you have to crouch to see underneath.

Light version with a worn looking canopy




1 & 1.1

November 2011

Original release of Classic & Light models. v1.1 fixed sound file.


July 2012

Canopy versions of Classic and Light as seperate pack


July 2012

Surplus file structure cleared, new sounds added


August 2015

Combined canopy and open versions into single file. Updated sounds & physics