“Skylark” is the original 0-4-2 Kerr-Stuart Skylark used on construction of the Leek & Manifold railway. This locomotive is fully lined in an imaginary scheme based on the original makers photographs. It is air braked; you can see the compressor.

This version is “Princess” which ran on the Campbeltown & Machrihanish Railway. Princess differs from Skylark becuase she has twin sand domes mounted on the boiler. This locomotive is vacuum braked; hence the exhauster pipe to the smokebox.  The livery is based on the North British Railway; for fun.

This version of Princess is in simple lined black; it looks closest to the few photographs of the locomotive on the Campbeltown & Machrihanish Light Railway.

This is a plain black and lightly weathered version suitable for any railway. Both Skylark and Princess have versions that are only fitted with a handbrake the winds on or off using the [ ] keys.

This is a heavily weathered worn version .  It leaks steam, there is rust everywhere, and the cab is filthy.

The cab was modified in the latest version with better graphics and the ability to operate the controls even when leaning out of the cab sides.





January 2015

Initial release of Skylark and Princess in all combinations


January 2015

Update to V1 to include missing steam and smoke elements


April 2015

New whistles, sound changes and added ground shadows


August 2015

Better sounds, smoke. Updated textures. Physics tweaks


August 2015

Update to V3 to add missing stationary smoke texture


March 2020

Substantial reform of the entire locomotive to include better graphics and a fully operational cab from multiple views


March 2020

Update to V4 to include missing air brake version and texturing