The Barclay P class 0-6-2 were built for the Campbeltown & Machrihanish Light Railway. The class got it’s name from the original locomotive – Atlantic. This version is almost new and is in, so far as I can tell, the original C&MLR colours.  These powerful locomotives were capable of hauling long coal trains as well as day tripper excursions up the line’s steep gradients.

The C&MLR had a second P class called “Argyll”.  This loco was basically identical except for inset buffer beams and a raised rear light position.  These models come equiped with full lighting.

There is a well used version of each locomotive that has the painted name and crest beginning to wear away as well as some weathering.   This is not unlike the condition seen in photographs from the 1920’s

By the end of the 1930’s the line was in a state of considerable disrepair.  This “worn” look is also available for both locomotives.  The paint is worn, the running gear rusty, the cab filthy, and the name has almost vanished.  It also leaks steam.

I have also included a plain black version of each locomotive that has no name or markings. 

Each locomotive features a fully detailed interactive cab that can be operated from various positions including leaning out of the cab.  It is a largely fictional cab – there being no details of the prototype available.  But I have tried to fit it with genuine cab fittings.





February 2020

Original release